Candy Crush – How to Get Unlimited Lives?

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Candy Crush is one of the best puzzle games on play store because of its interesting levels where everyone enjoys a lot. More importantly, one of the pivotal aspects in the game that every puzzle lover need to know is that make combination of at least two or more special candies in order to complete any level easily.

However, resources are also another crucial fundamental part of the game that players need to obtain it as much as they can so that they can easily clear all the jellies and other problem which they have ever seen while playing it. If you properly spend lives only useful tasks, then no one can prevent you from becoming a winner. For making every stage easier to eliminate all the issues on the way, then you need to pay attention to candy crush strategy properly.

Tips to Get Free Lives!

ü  When you run out of lives, then close the game app and access the mobile device’s time and date sections in the settings menu.

ü  Turn off the option that automatically updates your device’s date, and time then you need to set schedule manually by selecting a date ahead of the current schedule.

ü  If you are one among them who happily spend their real-life money for buying In-Game, then In-App Purchases is the best option. Gamers can buy lives from this option by spending their real cash on it or even more easily. Before start playing the game, then you need to make candy crush strategy in order to every level easier with minimum efforts.